Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mister Will

A few days ago, I posted asking for thoughts and prayers for some of Zoe's fellow HLHS warriors. I updated you on Aly and Chase - both with good news.

Now, for an update on Mister Will. He's decided to throw his mom and dad for another loop (a gross understatement.) Will underwent open heart surgery with the intention of completing his Glenn - Stage II surgery. After opening Will's chest, the surgeon did not appreciate the size of Will's pulmonary arteries - they were smaller than they'd hoped and hence, could not go forward with his Glenn. Will's surgeon placed an additional shunt to assist in further growth of Will's pulmonary arteries (PAs). Doctors, in speaking with Will's parents, Chris and Meg, informed them that they will give Will 3-4 months in hopes that his PAs grow with the extra blood flow. If the PAs do not increase in size, Will is not a Glenn canidate and will require a heart transplant.

As a heart parent, I know how devastating that news can be. There was a point in time I heard the word "transplant" come out of Zoe's cardiologist's mouth. It is completely paralyzing.

Will is now one day post shunt placement. For the remainder of his interstage period, which has now been extended to 8-9 months, he will be living with both a Sano and BT shunt placed in his tiny heart. Please pray and send positive, energizing growth vibes to Will's pulmonary arteries. He needs steriodal prayers for the next few months.

He is a fighter, like all HLHSers, but could use some additional help.

Keep the beautiful Kohn family in your prayers. Please.

Hang tough, little man.

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  1. I will keep them in my thoughts, and pray that he can end up having the Glenn.