Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fellow Compadres

UPDATE on Chase and Aly:

All is well and good in the lands of Michigan and South Carolina. Aly's Fontan and Chase's cath transpired wonderfully. Chase's LPA was ballooned open and has good flow. Aly's Fontan was seamless. Chase will likely be released after a night of monitoring and Aly has about a one-week recovery stay ahead of her. Thank you for your support - Zoe appreciates it!

Remember, Mr. Will's Glenn is tomorrow morning. I saw a picture of Will today, sent from his daddy, and he looks strong and ready (unlike his Dad's March Madness Bracket...)


This week is a big week for several of Zoe's HLHS compadres. Please send happy thoughts, prayers and positive energy to our friends in Iowa, South Carolina and Michigan.

We'll start with the youngest... Will (the infamous Saints fan) is having his Glenn on Tuesday. Congratulations, Will, for a nearly seamless journey to the Glenn. You, of course, had to throw a wrench into your mom and dad's plans just weeks before your actual Glenn. Never a dull moment!

Chase is undergoing a cardiac catheterization to evaluate his left pulmonary artery (LPA). His cardiologist is prepared to balloon open his LPA in order to buy him some time before he needs his Fontan (the final planned surgery in the single ventricle staging process).

And, Miss Aly Jean, who was supposed to have her Fontan two weeks ago, but decided to give up her spot for two kiddos who received new hearts! Aly's Fontan is Monday morning.

Please hold these little ones and their parents in your thoughts and prayers this week as they undergo procedures and forge forward on the road to recovery.

Keep up the fight Will, Chase and Aly! We love you!


  1. Thinking of them and their families. Lots of prayers from Ohio! :)