Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekend Fun

This past weekend we were living large.  Emmy learned to play t-ball at Itty Bitty Sports while daddy chased Zoe around the park.  Man, when Zoe gets angry, EVERYONE at the park knows it!  I got Emmy's first 'at bat' on video. 

Afterwards, we headed up north to Bumble Bee Ranch for HopeKids' annual event.  Last year, Emmy and I went solo.  This year, Daddy and Zoe joined us.  Thank goodness they did because I think we captured the best family photo yet!

(Don't mess with the Lihns!)

After pictures, which we intentionally did first, Emmy insisted on riding a horse.  Last year she was a little timid; this year she was a pro!

The girls played together and visited with fellow heart friends.  Zoe was thrilled that we "set her loose" to run around the ranch all afternoon.

After all of the running, Zoe sat down and blew us away.  She picked up my cheeseburger and started scarfing it down!

We had such a wonderful day and are so blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization - HopeKids.  They've given us so much joy in the past year and lots of memories to cherish!


  1. Ahhhh I LOVE this! The family picture is hilarious! ;-) But the pics of the girls are adorable - your girls are just beautiful Stace! <3 them!

  2. I love the family picture! So funny that even the kiddos have their "game faces" on. LOL. Glad you guys had such a great weekend. :)