Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Time Progress

There is much to celebrate in the Lihn house as of late.

In big-time news, Zoe graduated from physical therapy!  Yep, she's now age-appropriate in her development and her physical therapist feels that she'll only continue to improve and strengthen as she grows.  We're looking into orthotics from a potentially shorter left leg due to the femoral clot she suffered at three weeks of age, but other than that, her development is great! 

In July, we'll be trekking back to Philadelphia for Zoe to take part in the NeuroCardiac Care Program at CHOP.  It's a fairly new program (not offered west of the Mississippi) that takes several areas into account for children with critical congenital heart defects.  Specialists in cardiology, neurology, nutrition, speech and physical therapy will evaluate Zoe.  We're looking forward to her assessment and information that will only help us better prepare her for school.  We're pretty confident she'll get a two thumbs up, but we'd like to hear it from the experts' mouths.

As many of you know, Caleb had surgery on his Achilles a few weeks ago. He's been doing really well and his surgeon is impressed with his healing (shout out to Reiki...) I took a picture of his ankle after the wrap was removed at his last follow up appointment. It's pretty Frankenstein-ish. I told him I was going to post it and he thought it was too gross. I said, "What? We've put up photos of Zoe with her chest open- how is this any more insulting?"

I win, here you go...

He's now walking with a boot and was even cleared to ride a stationary bike today.  Woot!!!

And, I cannot end this post without wishing a Happy Birthday to Jacob Baker and the Affordable Care Act - you've both had a tremendous and profound impact on my life - and you were born on the EXACT SAME DAY! ♥ 

Here is Jacob - two years old and kicking HLHS butt everyday!

And here is the ACA - saving lives and offering hope.  (Don't miss Zoe's appearance!)


  1. I love the frankenstein scar! CONGRATULATIONS ZOE!!! You are such a rockstar!!

  2. Ok---having seen a beating heart through an open chest, I STILL had to scroll past the achilles picture really quickly! Something about that part of the foot that just gives me the willies! ~Kristen

  3. Ya, that pic of Leb's ankle gave me the heebs!

  4. WOW is all I have to say about that pic of Caleb's ankle. Ouch ouch ouch!!! Oh, and congrats Zoe!

  5. Yeah totally agree the picture is gross lol. We are used to hearts but come on feet are yucky lol j/k. Congrats to Zoe! You are kicking butt girl, keep it up! Hope we see you in July, I cry even thinking about Jake and Zoe playing together. They have both come so far in this journey. The last time they were at CHOP together they were tiny little babies. Thanks for the shout out! We love you.