Friday, August 12, 2011

Surprises at the Pediatrician

On Thursday, Zoe went to her 15-month well check at her pediatrician's office. We were greeting by the same sign that caught me off guard last time we entered. Again, it caught my eye and I snapped a photo to share with ya'll.

Since the sign confirmed that we were in a safe zone, we entered the office.

Zoe's check up revealed a few surprises. Apparently, Zoe has lost some ground on her weight gain. She's dropped from the 10th percentile to the 4th percentile. Her pediatrician's take, "she's still got the cheeks." Apparently, if she's got 'the cheeks' no one cares what percentile she's in. Emerson never made the growth chart in weight either, so it runs in the family.

Next, Zoe's pediatrician checked inside her ears and mouth. I figured his "has she been fussy" question pointed to an ear infection. Wrong. Instead, he shared (with the non-observant mommy) that Zoe was getting all FOUR of her molars at once. What? Emerson just got her fourth molar a month ago...

The final surprise of the appointment was my favorite. Dr. Magalnick placed his stethescope to Zoe's chest - listening to her heart and lungs. He turned to me, smiled and said, "I hear nothing but normal inside her little chest." This struck me as odd. I retorted and said, "Normal - as in her heartbeat sounds like a everyone else's?" For some reason, I assumed that if any trained ear listened to her heart they would be able to notice that it was different special. But no, he emphasized that her heart sounded completely normal. All I could do was smile. Yes, I know she has half a heart. Yes, I know she has a glaring scar down the middle of her chest. But, to hear the words "normal" in conjunction with her heart was music to my ears.

So, even though she's small, she's healthy - and fiesty!!! This little girl is keeping us on our toes. She's non-stop and full of energy. Whoever said that having half a heart would slow you down hasn't met Miss Zoe Madison Lihn!


  1. Ahhhhhh!!! LOVE this update (well, except for the all the molars at once part)! Stace, I am telling you, these kiddos have to do EVERYTHING the hard way! Hope her vaxes went ok. Love you, cheeks!!!

    - Amy & Bodie

  2. Poor baby! All 4 at once - she doesn't mess around. But we already knew that, I guess. ~grin~ What wonderful news otherwise! xoxo

  3. Yea Zoes!!! Our pediatrician said that to us too after Aly's Fontan- she said "I can't even hear the murmur anymore". I guess I always assumed it would sound a little different.... And WTH is up with that sign?!?! That's CRAZY!

  4. Kids are much more resilient than what we give them credit for. From the looks of it, you've got one tough cookie on your hands. One of the joys of parenthood is seeing your child slowly grow into a beautiful young person. Keep smiling!