Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It's almost the New Year.

I've always been a bit superstitious. It makes me uncomfortable to say that 2011 will be a year sans surgery or hospitals. I don't want to jinx ourselves.

Dr. Stock told us we could take 2011 off and just enjoy. So, that is the plan. No hospitals, no surgeries, just 'normalcy.'

To end the year, Caleb and I are (for the first time) leaving Zoe overnight with Grandma and Grandpa. We are taking Emerson to the polar express up north. Our trip is still 2 days away, but I'm already growing anxious at leaving Zoe. She will be fine, I know. And yet.

The holiday required some tweaking this year, as Zoe is on lockdown for flu/rsv season. We took her to my parent's house Christmas morning and Caleb stayed home with her in the afternoon while I took Emmy to her great-grandparent's house for our traditional holiday festivities. The girls are extremely fortunate to have their great-grandparents around.

(Great-grandma and grandpa Muenich)

(Great-grandma Olney)

The girls were absolutely adorable in their holiday dresses. Granted, Zoe didn't get to show hers off, but I couldn't let her sit around in her Christmas pjs all day.

Speaking of sitting... Zoe is becoming a champ. The day after Christmas, Zoe displayed her skills for her Aunt Stephie and Uncle Paul - sitting up for nearly 15 minutes unassisted. This is very big news, as we were anticipating some developmental delays due to all of her time lying in a hospital crib.

Zoe seems to be one-step ahead of her older sister. First, with sitting and now with teething. For Christmas, Zoe got her bottom two teeth. Emmy waited until her first birthday to cut hers. At this rate, Zoe will be running circles around Emmy in no time.

Thank you for sharing in our 2010. It's been quite an eventful year. We look forward to keeping ya'll apprised of Zoe's accomplishments in 2011.

Jinx or no jinx, Happy New Year! (as I knock on wood...)

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  1. That picture of Zoe in that dress is crazy adorable! Glad things are going well for her - enjoy your year off:)