Friday, December 24, 2010

Angels Among Us

I never gave Angels much thought before May of this year. But this holiday season, I have Angels on my mind nearly 24/7. I want to believe they are here with us, keeping watch over us; letting their loved ones feel their presence during these difficult weeks.

The first angel I truly "felt" was that of a precious baby, Gwenyth. I met Gwenyth's mom before traveling to Philadelphia. She, like I, delivered her baby at CHOP. She, like I, feared for her unborn child's life. She, like I, had so much hope for the future. She, like I, never believed "it" could happen to one of our own. Two days after Zoe was born, I learned of Gwenyth's passing. I will never forget that moment - the moment when the reality of my life slapped me in the face.

Of the four women I met and fell in love with at CHOP, two have lost their babies. I cannot fathom what the holidays hold for them this year.

My Christmas tree this year, and for all the years to come, will be adorned with their angels - Gwenyth, Mia and Emma.

These three precious children, along with my Zoe, are a constant reminder that each day is a gift. Each day I am given with Zoe is my Christmas, the very best gift of all.

Much love to Laura, Jenn, Christina and the countless others whose hearts are broken this holiday without their babies. Oh, how I wish life could be different.

Please take a moment to remember these angels among us and their families during this holiday season.


  1. There is no doubt that there are angels surrounding us! I got an email from a precious grandmother today.. her 14 year old Grandaughter is at St Joes..fighting for her life. She is post Fontan and went into cardiac arrest a couple days ago.. shes on ECMO and waiting for a heart. Such a heartbreaking story...

    I know those angels are surrounding that little girl today as she's fighting her CHD battle.