Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life is Good

As each day comes and goes, I feel a bit more at ease here at home. Zoe continues to do well - eating, peeing, pooping, sleeping and maintaining good color. Yesterday, we finally received Zoe's pulse ox machine to track her oxygen sats on a daily basis. Today, her scale arrived. Every day, until the Glenn, we'll have to take, record and report her sats, weight, heart rate and intake to our cardiologist. This monitoring will help identify any issues with Zoe's heart, or otherwise. Needless to say, she is a full time job right now. I did find some time to do two loads of laundry yesterday (granted one load is still in the dryer, but it's progress...)

I'm pretty sure Zoe gets cuter each day :) Emerson warms up to her a little more each day also, so she must agree. Emerson must know that Zoe is fragile because she really does handle her with kid gloves. She softly kisses her head and gestures that she is tickling her toes, but hasn't quite made contact with those little tootsies. I asked Emmy if she wanted to hold Zoe yesterday. Her eyes got big and she replied, "oh, no." I think by this weekend, she'll be up for it.

Emerson keeps me laughing often. Yesterday I walked in on her rolling around on the floor, throwing her hands up in the air and turning in circles. I stopped and observed her, wondering what in the world she was doing. I looked up and saw the Fresh Beat Band on tv; they were break-dancing. Ahhhhh, Ms. Emerson is now working on her break-dancing skills. I think she enjoys the independence she gets while mommy is taking care of Zoe. She can trash the house in less than 5 minutes!

While confined to the house during the day, I've been able to connect with my fellow heart moms via Facebook. I have found so much support and comfort in them. We share our concerns daily and swap weights and reflux stories. It really does help to know that I am not alone in this journey. Sure, doctors are great, but they don't offer the tremendous amount of emotional support a heart mom needs. We're all in similar boats, have the same concerns and worries and realize that each day with our children is truly a gift.

Well, my time is up. Zoe is paging me with her cries. Next post, I'll be sure to upload some photos. Then, you can decide for yourself if Zoe is in fact growing cuter each day.

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  1. Soooo good to hear from you! Tiffany, Katie May and I all read with greed. I've been wondering how Emerson was taking to her knew little sister. Know that we think of you often. And we wish there was more we could do to help. Positive thoughts and energy are always flowing your way.