Saturday, June 19, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

On Thursday, just a few hours after my last post, I caught Emerson peeking in on Zoe during a nap.

After that, I asked Emerson if she wanted to hold her little sister. Hesitantly, she responded with a nod. I helped her get situated and passed Zoe over to her. Emerson sat there completely frozen and held Zoe. Zoe didn't mind at all and nearly fell asleep in Emmy's arms.

Yesterday, Zoe had another cardiology appointment. She received another thumbs up, all things considered. Assuming no problems arise, we don't need to go back for 2 weeks. Zoe, however, does need to get her blood drawn on Monday to check her anti-coagulation levels. I pray that the phlebotomist is skilled, as Zoe is extremely stingy with her blood. I tell her if she would just give it up on the first try, she wouldn't have to be poked in all 3 available extremities. Perhaps a little pep talk Monday morning will suffice.

Today, Saturday, is clean the house day. A desperately needed activity. What are the odds Emmy cleans up her playroom all by herself?! My guess is, not good!

We'll also drive around as a family in search for an assisted living home for Caleb's mom. She is currently in a care center in Glendale undergoing evaluation and physical/occupational and speech therapy. Her cognitive abilities have diminished in the past few weeks as she is suffering from dementia. Caleb had a tough visit with her yesterday, as she grows more frustrated and angry, wanting to go home. She does not understand why "everyone" is against her and not allowing her to "get better" and "return home so she can just live again." We ask for continued prayers for Jackie, and for Caleb, who is under tremendous stress between work, home, and visiting his mom.

Even though things around our household are stressful, we can always count on Emerson to keep things light-hearted. Yesterday, Emerson played dress up while Mom and Zoe watched the United States get robbed of a win in the World Cup.

And, a few thank you's are in order...

Thanks Erin and Marie for my fancy shoooooozzzz!

Thanks Aunt Stephie and Uncle Paul for my new dress

And a huge THANK YOU to all of our family and friends (both old and new, near and far) who continue to support us through our journey.

The Lihns


  1. Sweet, sweet pictures of Emmy and Zoe! No biggee if the play room is messy, Stace; don't sweat the small stuff. (I realize that's easier said than done.) Hugs to Caleb; one hour at a time. I really, really like the song. Hopefully Zoe won't be quite so stingy with her blood since she hasn't been poked and prodded as much the past week or so. My fingers are crossed. Hugs to all of you!!

  2. I love the picture of Emmy looking down at Zoe and it looks like Zoe is looking right up at her big sis -too cute!! I'm so sorry to hear that Jackie's health is not improving. I can only imagine how difficult this time is for Caleb.