Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eat, sleep, diaper change...

Yep, that's right. Our days are filled with all things baby - with a few additions. Medications, wound care and keeping a very close eye out for any signs or symptoms of congestive heart failure. This is our new life, and we wouldn't change it one bit. Zoe is absolutely precious. She continues to amaze me, her daddy and health care providers. Yesterday, we were visited by a home health care nurse who was shocked at how great Zoe looked. She, and the doctors at CHOP, encourage us to get out into open air and not be locked up in the hotel. Such statement is easy for them to make, particularly when their child's life does not depend on staying 100% healthy. One simple cold or infection could be life-threatening. We learned this reality all too well when one of our heart mommies, Laura Carpenter, lost her precious 2 month old Gwen to a simple infection. I talk to Zoe about her angels each day. Zoe looks all around her, seemingly into the air, but I'm certain she is looking at all of her angels, including Gwen.

We are very much looking forward to going home next week. We will miss our home-away-from-home, Philadelphia. It is quite a great city, but the humidity is starting to really get to us.

We may (I repeat, may) venture out to walk at the park across the street today (per doctor's orders.) If so, we'll post pictures later of Zoe's first adventure.

Love to you all. Thanks for following our beautiful Zoe and supporting us all along.

Zoe's Uber-proud Mommy

P.S. We are all jealous of Emerson, grandma and grandpa. They are flying home to Phoenix today!

P.P.S. Prayers are still needed for Caleb's mom, Jackie, who remains in the hospital in Mesa, Arizona.

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  1. Much love and hugs are still flowing your way...