Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cooler Weather

The last few days, it's been much cooler in Phoenix.  And the girls couldn't be happier to get outside!
Lots of giggles!

With fall here, that means flu shot time.  Zoe, of course, thought the shot was a breeze.  Emmy, not so much.  I had to promise her frozen yogurt afterwards just to avoid a complete meltdown.

Zoe, non-stop, asks to go outside and for a wagon ride. She wants to play at the playground, kick the soccer ball - heck, anything but be trapped inside.  With falling temps, who can blame her?

With fall break from preschool, Emmy headed up north to the cabin with my parents this weekend.  We've been getting photos on her whereabouts... as if we doubted she'd have a blast with Papa and Grandma.

While Emmy's been enjoying herself in the cool pines, Zoe is enjoying herself too.  She really is a riot.  Here is her first experience kicking the soccer ball around at the park.  Go figure, my little half-hearted diva would be the one to take to soccer - and dribbles like a champ with no coaching!

And I'll leave you with a few really fun pictures of the Lihn girls at the annual HopeKids photoshoot.  We love HopeKids and all that they do for families like ours!


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  1. Cute photos Stacey! Glad you are enjoying Fall!