Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Must Have

To all parents, yes ALL, not just heart parents. I've found the perfect item that everyone with an infant must have.

Moms and Dads, meet the Buzz B.

I know we've all cringed (especially heart parents) when attempting to cut our infant's nails. I've heard a few stories of heart kids being knicked with clippers and bleeding quite a bit due to aspirin intake. Well, knicks and blood be gone!

With the Buzz B it is impossible to injure your infant. It is battery operated and comes with cushioned nail pads.

After I got Zoe's Buzz B, I went to work on her nails. I thought it was too good to be true, especially since I've avoided cutting her nails for months (particuarly during her required anti-coagulation therapy).

Much to my surprise, Buzz B worked and is very easy to use. A fellow heart dad, whose son is on heavy duty anti-coagulation therapy, ordered himself a Buzz B and loves it.

So, all you moms who cringe at cutting your baby's fingernails, get the Buzz B. You won't regret it. (Did I mention it is BPA-free, as are all ZoLi Baby products?)

You can purchase the Buzz B at One Step Ahead.

If you like the Buzz B, go to Zoli baby on Facebook and "like" them. ZoLi is a great company with some awesome products. Our ZoLi product collection is growing rapidly at the Lihn house.


  1. I bought one a few months ago and am so glad to hear good reviews! Besides it is the cutest looking thing.

  2. A friend just told me about your blog, and I'm glad I stopped by today. I love your words, your perspective, and your hope! I have just begun writing a story about our journey with our daughter's congenital heart defect. I hope my words can bring about encouragement like yours have!