Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Month of May

May was a busy, busy time for the Lihns which is why it's taken me so long to post about it... We had two birthdays and two anniversaries to celebrate:

Zoe's birthday, May 11th
Zoe's Norwoodiversary, May 12th
Wedding Anniversary, May 21
Emmy's birthday, May 24

The month began with a road trip to California for Emmy's birthday present - her first Disneyland experience. The weekend after Disney, we hosted one big birthday bash for the girls.

(Total detruction of her smash cake!)

The following weekend, we took a trip to the Phoenix Zoo and enjoyed a Memorial Day BBQ with some old friends.

(Emmy with her new friend, "Halvy")

After a wonderful and fun-filled month of May with the girls, we were finally able to start enjoying the pool.

Zoe is working hard during physical therapy (thanks to Kathy) and has finally pulled herself to stand! Yay, Zoe!!!

Now that June is halfway over (and Philly is around the corner), we'll go on with our enjoyable, yet busy, lives and keep you posted!


  1. Love the new pictures. Especially the one of Zoe in the white shirt. So cute. <3 The Lihns!

  2. Adorable!! Happy MAY to your family!! Such great celebrations!!

  3. Looks like you ahd a great monthg of May!