Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

Emerson's first Thanksgiving festivities started when her Aunt Stephie and Uncle Peej came to town. She went shopping with mommy and Aunt Stephie and out to dinner at Abuelos. Apparently, Emerson is no longer a fan of sitting in the car seat whilst others are trying to eat. She wants to be in the mix and see what everyone is eating.

Thanksgiving morning, the morning of the Turkey Trot. We all rolled out of bed, rain coming down. We decided to drop Emmy off at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Mommy was sad; the jogging stroller was ready and waiting. Oh well, there's always next year. Caleb and I ran with Steph and Paul...and the ladies beat their hubbies!

Rush, rush to Grandma Lihn's house for Thanksgiving lunch. Emmy had fun with Grandma and her new kitty, Cashmere.

You'd think Ms. Emerson ran the turkey trot herself, she looks tuckered.

Then we rushed, rushed off for Thanksgiving dinner (yes, more food) to see the Muenichs. Great-grandma stole Emmy as soon as we walked in the door. She spent time with everyone and never made a fuss. She ate her sweet potatoes and chicken dinner but then was ready to go. A busy day, a restful sleep.

The Friday and Saturday following Turkey Day were quite eventful. Emmy went to her first sporting event, the Suns game. It was VERY loud, but again, she didn't mind. In fact, she passed out on Grandpa's shoulder, orange beads in one hand, Lola the Poodle in the other.

Steph and I had a good time too!

On Saturday, we had lunch with Steph, Paul and my parents at Lis Doon Varna, an Irish Pub, before Steph and Paul returned to San Fran. We ate, listened to live music and pried the beer away from Emmy. Daddy is going to have to keep her on a tight leash!

We hope you had a festive and restful Thanksgiving too. Come back for Christmas updates!

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