Monday, December 15, 2008

The Last Six Months...

Yes, I know. Ms. Emerson is 6 months old and I'm just now starting this blog. Well, the first six months (for all of you who have not yet been blessed by children) was quite the learning curve. Coming home with a new baby; what are we supposed to do with her now? Call grandma and grandpa!

The last six months have been both frightening and fun. The cats don't seem to mind Emmy much and have grown accustomed to her babbling and crying.

Emmy is sleeping through the night, although I find her in some interesting positions at times. She always starts off well in the Miracle Blanket (a true miracle indeed) but ends up looking like she's weathered a tornado by morning.

She's a trooper though and sleeping 12 hours straight!

Her pediatrician, Dr. Manny, says she's in the 2nd percentile and needs to eat solids. So, we gave it a go. At first, no dice. But after a few sessions in the highchair, she took to oatmeal cereal. She eats like a champ now and her favorite seems to be sweet potatoes.

Everyone is amazed at how happy and content she is. We must be doing something right! We'll keep up the good work if you'll come back and visit from time to time and see how Ms. Emerson is doing. Until then, we'll just be hangin' out and enjoying our happy little family!

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