Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kick, Kick, Art

While all four of us were sick on Saturday, fortunately, everyone felt better on Sunday, just in time for the girls' first ever swim lesson.  The instructor, Jennifer, came to our house and was very good with the girls.  They worked mostly on kicking.  Lots of kicking.

And learning how to catwalk to the steps...

Zoe expressing her displeasure

All started off well, until it was time to go underwater!  Admittedly, mommy wasn't too thrilled about this part either.  Emmy was more than unhappy; she was terrified.  Her (very experienced) swim instructor convinced me that all of this is normal with new swimmers and kids don't like water in their ears, etc.  (who does?)  But all that ran through my mind is the Oprah episode about dry drownings... anxiety much?!

Emmy's underwater trial by fire; she kicked herself up and grabbed the side, as instructed.

Zoe really showed off her strength during swim lessons and practically scaled the wall to climb out of the pool.  Swim instruction definitely counts towards good aerobic activity!

Even though the girls were not so thrilled with their first immersion class, we're hoping next week will be a little easier.

To top off the weekend, we did some wall hangings in anticipation of the many items Emmy will be bringing home from preschool.  Yep, 1/2 day, 5 days a week preschool starts next week!  To get Emmy in the spirit, we prepared a wall in her playroom so she could show off her goods.

Of course, while we attempted to finish up the project, Zoe was less than helpful... this girl tried to scale the walls all weekend!  Perhaps she was just showing off - she wanted everyone to know that she wasn't going to let a little cold keep her down.


  1. Lol- I love how feisty Zoe is. :) Glad the swimming lessons went well- that's great that they came to your house!

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