Saturday, May 12, 2012

Two Years

Someone asked me today if it seems like two years ago that Zoe came into this world.  On one hand, it seems like two hours ago and on the other hand, it seems like two decades ago.  It is crazy to think that just two years ago (although I seemed to have aged two decades) Zoe was hours away from her first open heart surgery.  Most likely, every year on her birthday, I'll be back in that delivery room - scared out of my mind - wondering what is in store for Zoe and for our family. 

The phone call that awoke us at 6:30 a.m., on May 12, 2010, sent us into the first of many whirlwinds in our heart journey.  I couldn't believe doctors wanted to perform heart reconstruction on a 15-hour-old newborn.  I now know that Zoe is one of the youngest patients to undergo such intense, life-saving measures so soon after birth.  Looking at Zoe today, it's hard to comprehend what her little body has been through.  She is amazingly resilient and often times stubborn; two personality traits that will serve her well. 

I never could have imagined the incredible impact she's had on our lives, the invaluable life lessons that the uncertainty of life and death brings.  I know that Zoe will continue to amaze us - and age us several decades more.

Happy Birthday and Happy Norwood-i-versary Zoe Madison!

Still, looking at these pictures and being present for each event - I cannot wrap my head around the miracle that this little girl is.


  1. Happy Norwood-i-versary princess Zoe <3

  2. Awww- Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Zoe!! <3