Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rough Rider

This weekend began with a nice surprise and a pretty mellow early Friday evening.

A package arrived from Icing Smiles, a wonderful non-profit organization who provided the girls with an amazing birthday cake earlier this year - pumpkin cookies and "just a little something to let you know your Icing Smiles family is thinking about you!"

A little swinging and laughs with Daddy.

A little Tebowing in the kitchen.

Followed by a nice bedtime story with Daddy.

Caleb and I were glad to get the girls down for bed so we could relax and watch a movie - something we've been attempting to do for the past two weekends. And then, the weekend took a turn for the worse...

We ended up in the Pediatric ER with Emerson...

(A little Fruit Ninja to pass the time)

She'd fallen out of bed after rolling over and smacked her head on the nightstand. Caleb ran in like "a hero" (reports Emmy) and told me she was fine, just shooken up. That's when I noticed the blood. We took Emmy into the bathroom to assess the damage and she had a nasty gash. My mom came over to watch Zoe and we headed to the ER.

Emmy was a trooper. I can't decide if all of the doctor's appointments and hospitalizations with Zoe helped or hurt the situation, but Emmy was tough as nails. Or Staples. She got three staples in her head to close the wound. No stranger to hospital beds, I crawled up with her and laid next to her while she got her staples inserted.

After the procedure, Emmy got to pick a toy out of the treasure chest (Tinkerbell wings), a Popsicle and a few stickers.

I'm happy to report that the remainder of the weekend was pretty mellow. You'd never know Emmy had staples in her noggin, she's still running around like a madwoman. Caleb summed it up nicely last night as he looked at me and exclaimed, "God, I'm the only sane one in this house!"

That's debatable, I think we're all a little off our rockers!

Hopefully we got our craziness out this weekend and can have a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving.


  1. Ahhhh only you could tell this story with such humor! Love the "like a hero" comment followed by your uncanny observing skills noticing copious amounts of blood. Sounds like something that would happen in the Bennett household! So glad Emmy is aok and took it like a trooper! Love ya!!!

  2. Is it just a coincidence that Caleb is the only sane one, and the only male??!! :)

    Too funny Stace!