Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to Fall

Well, we're getting close to Fall weather here in Phoenix. Last weekend, it cooled off enough for the Lihns to get outside and enjoy (or at least attempt to enjoy).

On Saturday we had a great time (minus the horrendous tantrum in front of the giraffe display) at the Phoenix Zoo. Apparently after breakfast with Dora and riding the carousel, there was no point in being at the zoo. Zoe had a blast exploring. She's becoming so expressive and loves being out of doors. She's making up for lost time!

(Zoe with her Dora backpack on!)

Dora was much taller than Caleb and I remembered from our encounter at Universal Studios earlier this year. I guess it's true, kids really do grow up fast!

On Sunday, we took the girls to Schnepf Farms. There was so much to do (too much really), and the girls took it all in.

Zoe quite enjoyed picking out her pumpkin. Oh, the expressions on this little girl's face - all within a matter of 5 seconds!

I intentionally dressed the girls in the same dress so I could compare just how different my littles are! Take a look-see!

(Emerson - 17 months, 2009)

(Zoe - 17 months, 2011)

And one family photo which of course the girls refused to look at the camera. They were mezmorized with the field of pumpkins!

And last but not least (if you've stuck around through this lengthy post), you're rewarded with one of the best pictures of Zoe to date!  Zoe, waiting for her slice of pie at Schnepf Farms...

Happy Fall!!!


  1. Oh wow, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this update! The first pic is PRICELESS - love the tears. Oh, she sounds so much like Bodie! And her faces around the pumpkins - I just want to pick her up and squeeze her, she's so stinking cute! And the comparison pic is amazing - I cannot believe how beautiful your girls are, but how completely different they look!!! That's fantastic!


  2. Stacey, these pictures are beautiful! Love the crying picture. That was how our trip to the pumpkin patch went lol. You are so blessed!

  3. That 1st photo is priceless!
    Love the post!

  4. Awwwww... I LOVE the dresses! SO CUTE! One of the best things about having little girls is cutie patootie little sundresses. :)

  5. I too am a huge fan of the crying pics - they are my fave. The girls are so big, Emerson better watch out, I see Zoe edging closer and closer to her size! Happy Fall!

  6. The first pic makes me chuckle. That is usually how it works when you try to take nice pics of the kids, huh? Ha!! Looks like you guys had a great time!