Thursday, May 19, 2011

And So It Is

The call came in - that long distance 3-ring tone. For the past two weeks, I rushed to the phone thinking it's CHOP calling to schedule Zoe's MRI and Cath. After several false alarms, today I received the call.

And so it is. Zoe's MRI ("and cath, if necessary") are scheduled for July 8th with pre-testing on July 7th. Poor Zoes will have a full work-up: a check up with cardiology, an echo, ekg, chest x-rays and blood work. I'm already dreading the blood work! Zoe, like most heart kids, is not cooperative and her blood is thicker than heart healthy children - so blood draws are never easy.

The plan remains the same. If the MRI is reassuring and shows that her pulmonary arteries are decent-sized (prayers, please) then Zoe will not need a cath and we'll have a weekend of FUN in Philly. If she needs a cath and ballooning/stenting of her pulmonary artery(ies), Zoe will have an overnight stay at CHOP with discharge the following day - assuming no complications arise.

So now, we wait. As usual.

Over the next several weeks, leading up to July 8th, please keep Zoe in your thoughts and prayers for nothing but a positive outcome.

P.S. A Disney and Birthday blog soon to come...


  1. I will have her in my prayers, as always. I hate when they have to poke Simon for anything but especially when it comes to draws and ivs. Neither one ever really goes smoothly. Even if we get a lucky 1st time iv, it usually blows or infiltrates within a day or two so he ends up a pincushion anyway. :( I hope you get to spend more of the time there visiting. I was born there but don't know much about the place since we moved away when I was still a baby :)

  2. Ahhh...That's the cutest little Toodee I've ever seen. We will of course be praying for Zoes that everything will go great. (((Hugs)))

  3. Seriously, that is the cutest.pic.ever. We will of course be praying for a FUN trip to Philly that does NOT require a cath - and good news all around for the amazing Zoezsi!