Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crazy Times

The past week-plus has been crazy. I never realized that becoming more "normal" would create chaos. I thought once we were "normal," things would get easier.

Not so much.

Now, we're going out on the weekends and doing MORE - meaning less time at home to do chores. I figure that's just fine. We've been holed up in this house for nearly 9 months, so we'll take the chaos.

To add to the chaos, Zoe is mobile. She's everywhere. We're discovering what makes her happy - going outside (she goes and sits by the backdoor constantly), shoes (runs in the family) and bugging her big sister (not sure where she gets that from :)...

Just as life seems to be "normal," Zoe has another cardiology appointment. She'll undergo a full work-up on Friday with an echo, ekg, etc. Please be thinking and praying for Zoe, mommy and daddy as those days are ALWAYS stressful and filled with anxiety. At Zoe's last appointment, Dr. Stock stated that if her function looks good again on echo, she can come off Enalapril, meaning she'll be down to her reflux med and 1/2 a baby aspirin! Geez, I hope I didn't just jinx her.

Emmy has been a busy beaver. She and I had a blast at the HopeKids event last weekend. Unfortunately, dad had to stay home with Zoe because of a slight cold, but Emmy and I went all out anyway. We took silly photos and Emmy rode her first horse, named Chunky.

We've spent some time poolside as well, enjoying the weather before it gets too hot.

So, we're busy. Period.

I will update the blog after Zoe's cardiology appointment on Friday the 22nd. Until then, say your prayers for a cooperative Zoe and great results! We'll be keeping Zen and doing our yoga until then.

And this picture is just too cute not to share, kneepads and all...


  1. Your girls are so cute! I will keep you all in my prayers for the upcoming appointment. In the meantime...have a blast!

  2. Awwww LOVE this! It's a whole new ballgame once they're mobile, right? Somehow I had forgotten that from Sierra! :-) Anyway, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pics! Your girls are adorable, yes, kneepads and all (and, actually, I am LOVING the kneepads as well!). Praying for a great card appt this week!


  3. Hope your card appointment goes well! down to 2 meds would be fantastic!!

  4. I'll be thinking of you guys!

  5. Everything is going to go fantastic at Cardiology!! If something were "off" she wouldn't be so silly and crawling all over. :) Praying she comes off the heart meds.. how awesome would that be?

    Normal feels good!

  6. Ok let me get this have a pool?!?! Maybe I can just move in and be your full time babysitter? Hahaha your girls are adorable like normal! Praying for a good appointment on Friday!

  7. Zoe is going to do great at her appointment! That would be great to be off her Enalapril- less one med is always a great thing. :) I ADORE those kneepads. Too. Stinkin. Cute. :)

  8. Praying for Zoe's upcoming appointment. Those days are always so stressful!

    Love the pics! Zoe's little kneepads are super cute!