Friday, February 11, 2011

The Sick House

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted any updates. Our household has been struck by a nasty bug. Emmy started two weeks ago and we've just been passing it around to each other. Thankfully, Zoe was sick only a few days (with fever.) She's been congested but seems to be fighting the virus off better than the rest of us. (Thanks to a few things I'm sure: mommy's breastmilk and the ridiculously expensive Synagis shots to help combat RSV.)

With Caleb and I running fevers, we shipped Zoe off to my parent's house. I'm sad to not have her here with me, but need to keep her safe (and get some rest.) Zoe had a cardiology appointment today and it was hard for me not to attend. I didn't want to be one of "those parents" who walk into a pediatric office sick, so my parent's offered to take her. Of course, I had them call me when Dr. Stock came in for his consultation.

So, how is Miss Zoe? She is GREAT! Her EKG, normal. Blood pressure, good. Sats, great. He listened to her heart and said it sounded wonderful. I sprayed my list of questions at him and couldn't be more pleased with her check up. She doesn't return until April 22nd. At that time, she'll have an ECHO to check both her function and the growth of her vasculature. If her function looks good, Zoe can come off her Enalapril! She is doing so well; I couldn't be more proud of my little CHD warrior. She is just over 15 pounds, putting her at 5% on the weight/growth chart. As long as she continues on that same curve, Dr. Stock is happy. Given Emmy's growth (at 5% weight on a good day,) it is not abnormal. As long as she's gaining, we're happy.

Dr. Stock suggested perhaps I visit the doctor (again) and get swabbed for RSV. So, this afternoon, I went to Urgent Care for a not-so-gentle swabbing. They didn't mess around after I spread some CHD awareness and ran the gambit of tests - flu, strep, viral panel and CBC. The flu and strep swabs were negative and CBC normal. The viral panel will take 3 days and I'm praying that RSV is NOT detected.

As soon as we're all healthy, Zoe will be evaluated by an early intervention program. I'm thinking she could definitely use some physical therapy, if nothing else. Many of her HLHS comrades have already started PT, OT and speech therapy, so it's definitely time to have her evaluated. The descrepancy, developmentally, can be two-fold - due to cognitive impairments from bypass during her surgeries, or more simply, due to laying in a hospital bed post-surgeries and being "babied" afterwards. Who wouldn't "baby" their warrior post-op?!

Alright, time for momma to get some more rest. I just had to share the good news about Zoe's cardio appointment today. What a great visit during CHD Week!!!


  1. Praying you are all on the mend very soon. Great news to hear on Zoe's cardiology appt. YAY!!

  2. Hoping you are all feeling better. We're passing it around at our house too - nasty variations of stuff this year. Great news about Zoes!