Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Saints Fan?!

Good Lord, Zoe has some converting to do.

Soon, very soon, our HLHS family will grow, once again. A new addition will be joining us on or about November 11, 2010.

A new warrior to welcome.

A baby boy named Will.

I have come to know Will's parents, Chris and Meghan, very well over the past few months. Our personalities are very similar. We joke around a lot, but when it comes crunch time, we set aside our humor. I'll never forget a text I received from Chris after Zoe was admitted to Phoenix Children's Hospital just a week or so prior to her scheduled Glenn. The new, soon-to-be heart dad, was already "in" our world. He wrote, "I can't believe how much I think about people whom I've never met before."

It is true. We think of each other often, and rarely do we get to meet those across the country who lend us support on a daily basis.

Please keep Chris, Meg and Will in your hearts and minds over the next week; then over the next month as Will undergoes and recovers from his Norwood.

As you can see, Will is destined to be a Saints fan, like Curtis.

Don't worry boys, as soon as Zoe is old enough to talk, she'll convert you. She's pretty persuasive it seems. She's already picked out Will's bedding for his toddler bed.

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