Monday, April 19, 2010

Settling in...sort of.

Well, we've been in Philly nearly a week now and are physically settled in. Emotionally, not quite there yet. It's been more difficult than I imagined.

We did manage to make it to the Farmers Market on Saturday and found a few goodies. Emmy bought a kiddie bouquet of flowers and I found Zoe some awesome silk-screened bird photos laid on top of antique wallpaper. I'm going to frame and put them in her nursery when we get home. She'll be able to have a little Philly in her room at all times.

(Emmy and mommy at the Farmers Market in Clark Park.)

(The goods we found for Zoe's room and Emmy's kiddie bouquet.)

My BFF, Brian, came to visit and brought some lovin' and comfort. He and Emmy had fun playing and being goofballs. Emmy named Brian "Boy" and was excited to have a visitor. So much so, that she screamed and refused to nap all day.

(Emmy and "Boy" playing at the Carriage House.)

Next weekend Steph and Paul (my sister and brother-in-law) are coming to visit. We plan to hit Sesame Place, a Phillies game and see the Independence play (Philly's women's professional soccer team). Perhaps Caleb and I can take advantage of some babysitting time and catch a movie at night and escape from reality for a few hours?!

Our appointment at CHOP is Thursday afternoon. According to the cardiologist, we don't need to see her again since Zoe's test results have been stable and positive. From here on out, just OB appointments until Zoe decides its time to meet Mommy, Daddy and her big sis. From the looks of things, she may come sooner than May 12. She's been head down for weeks now and lying "low!"

This one is for you Papa. I miss you and can't wait to see you and show you around Philly! Love Emmy.

Stay tuned...

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